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Remote Support for Just About Anything

Our technicians are certifiable nerds who will stop short of nothing to ensure your desktop, laptop, or mobile needs are met. We’ll help you with whatever you need from Virus Removal to Software troubleshooting and so much more.

Our Service

The new standard in remote support

We support all operating systems, including desktop, mobile, Chrome OS, and Raspberry Pi. 

Secure Transactions and Data

You can be absolutely sure that we take care of and handle appropriately all information that you share with us directly or indirectly. We’ve been doing this awhile, your data Is safe with us.

Overall Security

All of our operations take place over a private network with the utmost in security in mind. We chose the top tier encryption when thinking about how to best serve you.

Rock Solid Reputation

We stake it all on our robust reputation in the support industry. Our founders have been involved in the tech field for well over a decade and you can rest easy knowing we only hire and train top-notch nerds.

Virus Removal

End up with a virus?

Hey, we get it. It happens. It happens so much in fact that we went into business for these exact situations. As long as you can still connect to the net, we are the only lifeline you need in restoring your device back to pristine working order.

Restoring Full Function

Get Up and running again fast

We run a frustration fighting operation. You pay good money for a device to work properly and we treat your time as invaluable. We’ll get your service done quick and done right guaranteed.

What Our Customers Say

Tani Tondi

My system was sluggish due to a boat load of malware. The nerds fixed me up in less than an hour. My machine runs like new.

Kati Jerry

When it comes to remote support, I choose Certified Nerds, each and every time, no question. They’re that good.

Sana Sanhi

Our Mail server had a PST file just simply evaporate. CN recovered the mailbox file in 15 minutes. To me, that qualifies as heroic.

Business Solutions

Yes, we have a fleet of nerds

We’re here for businesses as well. Why not outsource your support staff? We train based on your business rules and provide all the live data you need to monitor internal and external traffic so you’re always in the know. 

Our Hours of Operation

We are 24/7 

It just doesn’t get any better. We provide the mother load of nerd expertise all day and all night for you.